About Us

Architecture and Engineering Community and Information Sharing Platform

En.arkipedia.net is an online community and knowledge sharing platform designed specifically for architects and engineers around the world. This platform, specialized in architectural art, decor and engineering, enables professionals in the sector to come together to share their experiences, exchange information and develop their projects.

Community Focused: En.arkipedia.net brings together a broad architectural and engineering community around the world. Professionals, students and anyone interested in the industry can interact around common interests.

Article Publication: The platform regularly publishes articles about current architectural trends, decoration tips and artistic approaches. This helps the community stay informed and follow developments in the industry.

DWG Archive: En.arkipedia.net offers thousands of DWG drawings to its members. This archive provides architects and engineers with access to a variety of drawings that they can use in their projects.

Information Sharing and Support: The platform encourages interaction between members. Users can share their experiences, ask questions, and get support from other professionals in the industry.

Current and Advanced Technology: En.arkipedia.net regularly updates current articles and various contents. Additionally, it offers its members the best online experience with its user-friendly interface and advanced technological infrastructure.

En.arkipedia.net aims to be a resource center for anyone who wants to achieve success in the world of architecture and engineering. Aiming to establish connections between people, encourage knowledge sharing and support innovations in the industry, this platform stands by everyone in pursuit of excellence.