Arkipedia accepts sponsorships to provide more useful content to the Architects, Engineers and Students in its community, expand advertisements and increase server performance.

In areas accessible to users who make up our community;

Each sponsor can provide a promotional article about their product, service or company,
You can create advertisements with gif, png or jpeg extensions in appropriate sizes supported by the technical infrastructure,
For main sponsorship, we can create temporary and permanent connections in the Footer area.

Promotional Articles

The publication fee for all promotions is 20 $, regardless of duration and word count.
Each promotion can contain a maximum of 5 images,
Each promotion can have a maximum of 2 connection outputs.
The most recently published trailer is at the top.


Your ads are optimized by our team, you are notified of the results of the study, approval is received and broadcasting begins.
Header advertising space clearly displayed on every page (14 $ / Month)

Main Sponsorship

It includes covering publication costs, usually on an annual basis. Your advertisement and sponsorship are clearly displayed in the footer area of ​​the site. It is charged at $600 dollars per year. We will be grateful for this.

Do you have a different offer?

We are here to provide the best solution for you. You can contribute to the development of the community by advertising on Arkipedia. To talk about prices or make a special offer, you can send your message to [email protected] We will reply as soon as possible, to work together, best regards…