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Reklam Alanı   Ahşap Sandalye
How to Draw Architectural Housing (Apartment, Villa) Projects? Architectural Planning Process

Architectural housing projects involve a series of processes and stages used in designing structures such as an apartment or villa. ...

What is a Building Foundation? How Should Earthquake-Resistant Foundations Be Built?

One of the most basic elements of architectural design is the building foundation. The foundation is a solid structure that ...

What is Core Drilling? How to Get It and What Does It Do?

Core drilling is a tool or method used for structural analysis and drilling operations. It is generally used for drilling ...

What is Plot? What is Land? What are the Differences Between Plot and Land?

What is Plot? Plot is a piece of empty land on which a building or structures will be built. These ...

What are the Types of Building Foundations?

Building foundation types are one of the most important materials used in the construction industry. It is of great importance ...

What is Energy Efficiency in Architecture? Active and Passive Systems

Energy efficiency is one of the fundamental principles of the sustainable architecture approach and is an important issue that must ...

What is Drywall? How To? What are its areas of use?

Plasterboard, one of the materials widely used in the construction industry, is a building material that is rapidly gaining popularity. ...

What is Dilatation? Why is it done? What is its Importance?

Definition of Dilation Dilatation is a structural design method used to absorb and control the stresses caused by thermal expansion ...

What is Decorative Plaster/Paint? How To? Application and Usage Areas

Decorative plaster and paint is a special application method used to achieve an aesthetic appearance in interior and exterior spaces. ...

What is Urban Transformation? Purpose and Importance of Urban Transformation

Urban transformation is the process of improving physically, socially and economically old and structurally weakened urban areas. In this process, ...

Who is an Architect? What is Architecture? Architectural Service

Architecture is a comprehensive discipline that shapes and designs the spaces where people live. The person who considers and implements ...

Who is an Interior Architect? What is Interior Architecture? Interior Architecture Service

Interior architecture is the process of designing and arranging the interior of a space. By combining the principles of aesthetics ...