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Reklam Alanı   Ahşap Sandalye
What are Retaining Walls, Their Types and History?

Every building built from past to present is located under natural ground and conditions. Structures that are in balance with ...

How to Get a Canva Education Account?

Would you like to enrich your architectural project presentations, posters and publications with Canva? Canva is a web-based design application ...

Let Your Computer Shut Down Automatically When Your Render is Completed!

Lumion, twinmotion, premiere, after effects, etc., which automatically record when the rendering process is completed. If you are using programs, ...

Wooden Materials in Architecture in 41 Questions

We explained the use, types, protection and classification processes of traditional materials and wooden materials in architecture, supported by questions. ...

How to Draw Terrain (Corner) Coordinates with AutoCAD?

If you do not have the dwg file of the land you will work on, it is possible to obtain ...

What is Studio Driver? Get High Performance Rendering with SD!

Autodesk, Adobe, etc., which prepare works such as 3D modeling, animation, rendering, video rendering with Studio Driver. It is perfect ...

How to Achieve Color Harmony in Architecture? Correct Facade Color

In our architectural designs, you can handle your buildings more strongly with correct and harmonious color choices that highlight the ...

What is EPS Block? Insulated Wall Material

Eps block is a building material consisting mainly of concrete and EPS particles that provides insulation against heat and sound ...

Autocad Selection Cycling Problem

Let’s examine how to turn off Selection Cycling, this tool that shows the user a window and asks which one ...

A Different Coffee Production Facility in Georgia

The coffee production facility, designed by Khmaladze Architects in Tbilisi, Georgia, is a base for the country’s new coffee brand. ...

Modernist Forest House: Casa Atibaia

Charlotte Taylor and Nicholas Préaud were inspired by Brazilian modernist architecture to design the modern house hidden among the trees ...

Ötzi Observation Deck | 3251 m | NOA

The observation deck, designed by Noa* – network of architecture, is located on Ötzi Peak at the top of the ...