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What is EPS Block? Insulated Wall Material

Eps block is a building material consisting mainly of concrete and EPS particles that provides insulation against heat and sound used on the walls of buildings. Its dimensions are designed to have a height of 100, 150, 175 and 200 mm, with a base area of ​​600×300 mm2.

EPS Block materials can be in standard rectangular forms, or they are also available in interlocking designs with two opposing surfaces of sheets. The main feature that distinguishes EPS Block material from other building materials is its high insulation value. It is said that the 3 and 5 cm high versions are used as thermal insulation materials on their own.

If we need to detail the components it contains, it can be said as EPS, cement, aggregate and organic solutions.

  • 64% Cement,
  • 16% Fuel Ash,
  • 16% Aggregate,
  • 2%Eps,
  • 2% Solutions

We made a performance analysis on the EPS Block material, which you can read below.

EPS Block Thermal Insulation

As we know, EPS material is a good thermal insulation material, but the other components it contains are not thermal insulation materials. When the thermal insulation value of the EPS Block material is examined, we see that it is 0.089 W/mK at a height of 10 cm and 0.080 W/mK at 20 cm. Values ​​of 0.060 W/mK and below are considered as a thermal insulation material.

Therefore, it does not have the performance of a thermal insulation material. However, it should be taken into consideration that it gives much better performance when compared to aerated concrete. These values ​​may be preferred in buildings…

EPS Block Water Absorption Rate

In addition to being light, when we checked the water absorption rate, we saw that it was quite low. Its low water absorption feature is also preferred over other materials.

EPS Block Fire Performance

Although melting of the EPS particles inside was observed upon contact with fire, no flaming phenomenon was observed. (A1) It is resistant to fire.

EPS Block Sound Insulation

Although it is said to have sound insulation properties, we could not find any documentation to this effect. Since EPS and the other components it contains do not have sound insulation properties, it is very difficult to make a positive evaluation on this issue.

I will end my article by saying that there are also reinforced designs that can be used as lintels in door passages and that they are very high-performance compared to other wall materials. I am waiting for your comments about the material… 🙂

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