Quotation Terms

Arkipedia does not see any harm in sharing and disseminating information, and it also attaches importance to the written or visual content prepared by each member, as well as any content on the site and the preparation process of its author.

If your intended use is non-commercial, if it will be published on the internet or in other areas, or if it will be reproduced in any way, it must meet the following quotation conditions.

Quoting & Copying Rules

All or some of the content on Arkipedia can be published on websites, newspapers, magazines, etc. To publish in these areas, you must carefully follow the rules set out below.

A clear and clickable link should be provided below or above the content you will publish, provided that it is visible.
“En.arkipedia.Net” should be written clearly next to the link.

Links must be clearly visible and clickable. A different style other than these styles cannot be used. Otherwise, we would like you to know that we can pursue the interests of our members and our platform through legal means, with all our rights reserved.

If you need help on the subject or want to make a commercial publication, you can send an e-mail to “[email protected]”. Enjoy your work…