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Bendable Concrete Produced in Australia!

As a result of the studies carried out by Swinburne University in Australia, environmentally friendly bendable concrete was produced to reduce the carbon footprint!

A new type of concrete made from waste materials has been developed and patented by researchers at Swinburne. The material can bend under load and is suitable for construction in earthquake zones. Flexible concrete, which uses industrial waste products instead of cement, has become more sustainable than traditional concrete.

When you put a load on a concrete column, it will be very difficult to see its effect. However, when you apply the load horizontally from the midpoint of the column, it will break instantly. The main reason for this weakness is that concrete has high compressive strength and low tensile strength. Flexible concrete was developed in response to the basic behavior of concrete, which was the starting point of the research.

Officials say that the start of work has been 10 years, and in addition to reducing the energy required for the material, they have also prevented carbon dioxide emissions that occur during production.

Today, the biggest source of pollution for the environment in the production of a concrete mixture is the cement that brings the whole mixture together and acts as an adhesive. The production of cement requires really high temperatures and energy. Therefore, it creates a lot of greenhouse gases in the environment.

What is Bendable Concrete?

Flexible concrete is a geopolymer composite material that is 400 times more flexible than normal concrete, requiring 36% less energy and emitting 76% less carbon dioxide. Despite being so advantageous, it has the same strength as normal concrete.

As seen in the video, while normal concrete only flexed 2mm at its most fragile point, bendable concrete withstood 30mm of flexion. Building and material technologies that develop day by day provide direction for future designs…

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