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What is Required to Become an Academician – COMPLETE GUIDE

What should you do to become an academician in Turkey? What are the necessary characteristics for a person to become an academic? How should I study to become an academic? We have included the answers to your questions in detail in this guide.

Being an Academician at Universities

Academicians are responsible for contributing to the development of the country by conducting research and development at universities, as well as guiding future generations of students.

Today, some instructors cannot fully balance the two tasks. For example; Although he constantly publishes articles in journals, he does not improve the methods in his courses. It is necessary to abandon old expression techniques and discover new styles in today’s conditions.

Being an academic means tired days and sleepless nights. For example; The work you create for students will sometimes get in the way of the research work you need to do. You must manage and implement your weekly plans in a disciplined manner. Since the work triangle will be established at home, university and its immediate surroundings, it can be said that the lifestyle is formed within this framework.

Conditions to Become an Academician

Academics, which is economically at a better level than other professional groups, is preferred due to this feature. So, leaving the financial part behind, what are the requirements to become an academician?

  • Having a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree.
  • To ensure that the grade point average complies with the guidelines.
  • Getting ALES score above 70 and YDS score above 50.
  • Preparing scientific articles and conducting research.

These conditions are the basic requirements for academics. However, there are also conditions expected from an academician.

  • Establishing strong relationships with students and other employees.
  • To make a fair and objective evaluation.
  • To constantly stay up to date and be open to innovations.
  • To follow new training methods and produce content that strengthens expression. For example; Animation, schematic narrative sheets, 3D Models…
  • Being disciplined and making others feel it.
  • Speaking fluently but not impairing clarity.

Grade Point Average for Academics

GPA is very important. You may have received low grades in universities before. However, by identifying your courses with low grades, you can take the exams again and increase your GPA and increase your chances of becoming an academician.

Universities clearly state grade point averages in their guidelines. To become an academician, you must have a grade between 2.50 and 3.00. These average values ​​are meant to exceed the basic threshold, but they are not enough.

When we look at the analysis of recent years, you can clearly see that the chances of candidates with an average of 3.50 and above are quite higher than those with lower grades. Since 25% of your GPA will affect the evaluations, you should definitely identify your shortcomings and study and take the exams again.

What to Do to Become an Academician?

To become an academician in Turkey, you must be determined and hard-working, as explained above. First of all, you must really want this profession. You should clearly see that your target audience is the future of our country and you should always move towards this goal.

After completing your undergraduate education, you must take ALES and apply for a Master’s degree. If you meet the requirements to apply, you must complete 2 years of education. You should apply to academics and do research during your education.

Is There an Age Limit to Become an Academician?

No, there is no age limit for academics. Although some news sources claim that there is an age limit of 35, these news have been denied. However, male candidates are required by the university administration to have completed their military service.

Academician Levels and Salaries 2021

You can also see the salaries of academicians at universities by examining the extensive list of their titles and professions.

1-Research Assistant

A person who fulfills the duties assigned by authorized persons, assists in research and experiments, but can give lectures under certain conditions.

Research assistants may prepare content for courses, proctor exams for students, and teach only in the absence of other instructors.

The salary that a new academician (research assistant) will receive for 2021 is 7,500 TL.

2-PhD Lecturer

After becoming a research assistant, you can get a position by preparing a graduation thesis in your field and publishing it on various websites and journals. This department, which was previously known as assistant professor, is now known as doctoral faculty member.

3-Associate Professor

After becoming a doctoral faculty member, you should continue to do research and give lectures without slowing down, your work will constantly earn you points. If the scores you have obtained are at the desired level, you should bring together your portfolio or studies and submit them to the rectorate.

The work you submit is reviewed by the commission and if it is found satisfactory, you will be granted the right to an interview. If a position is opened by YÖK and you get successful results from the interview, you will become an associate professor.

An associate professor with 10 years of experience receives an average salary of 9 thousand TL for 2021.


If a position is opened for professor candidates by YÖK, the work you did during your associate professorship period will be collected as points in the same way. You can apply with your scores without any interview.

Although it varies depending on the duration of experience, a professor receives a salary between 11-14 thousand TL for 2021.

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