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Free Best Wood Veneers | Download Textures Archive

3DsMax, Sketchup etc. It is a special package containing various wood veneer files with 1k, 2k, 4k and 8k resolutions that you can use in programs. You will gain a better presentation experience thanks to the wooden veneers you can use on your projects, wall surfaces or furniture.

You can review and download the textures below for Sketchup textures. Textures are high quality images, can be used for both 3dsmax and sketchup.

Dirty Wood Plate Veneer

Kirli Ahşap Plaka

You can get a realistic look in your projects with this 8k resolution detail that reflects old, sanded, dirty wood patterns.

Plywood Wood Veneer

Plywood Ahşap Kaplaması

Plywood wood coating provides a simpler but textured appearance with the small patterns it contains. It is generally the preferred coating on table surfaces.

Kitchen Parquet Wood Veneer

It is a small-pore, water-resistant and well-balanced coating material designed especially for kitchen floors.

Brown Wood Veneer

Tahta kahverengi kaplama

If you want to create a spaced and noticeable depth surface with brown wood veneer, it is the wood veneer you can choose.

White Wood Veneer

You can give your buildings a strong appearance, especially on the ground floor, by removing the realistic wooden covering painted in white without damaging its natural structure.

Old White Wood Veneer

Eski beyaz ahşap kaplama

It is a faded white wood coating that you can choose in old buildings and will create a strong atmosphere. The visual appearance of deformed wood is a highly preferred coating.

Tree Bark Veneer

Ağaç kabuğu kaplaması

It is a tree bark coating that you can use in your organic models, as well as on tree trunks or broken pieces of wood.

Perforated Damaged Wood Veneer

Delikli hasarlı ahşap kaplaması

It is a wooden veneer that has naturally perforated holes. It is a detailed material that contains damaged pits such as nail gaps.

Yellowbrown Tree Bark Veneer

Sarı kahve renkli ağaç kabuğu kaplaması

It allows you to achieve a natural look for wood pieces that can be used in humid areas. Tree bark containing yellow tones will add different detail to your renderings.

Rough Wood Veneer

It is an ideal material for those looking for handmade or rough, cracked wood veneer. Farmhouse etc. by taking down the rough wood siding. You can use it in your projects.

Green Textured Wood Veneer

Yesil dokulu ağaç kabuğu

Environmental elements are of great importance in projects. Using different textures on your tree bark will increase your visualization quality.

Natural Wood Veneer

It is a detailed wooden coating specially designed for those who want to evoke different feelings with its rough and natural form. With this dry-looking material, you get a light brown-toned surface.

Green Wood Veneer

Yeşil Renkli Boyalı Ahşap Kaplaması

You can use the wood veneer, which has blue-green tones and the paint on it has dried and peeling appearance, in your projects and you can get realistic details.

Moss-covered Wood Veneer

Yosun tutmuş yeşil ahşap kaplama

In nature, it is a green wood coating covered with a layer of green moss. It is a material that can show special details, which you can often choose by the lake and stream sides.

Bamboo Wood Veneer

It is a wooden bamboo coating created from wooden bamboo sticks arranged horizontally, creating a pleasant impression with different patterns and a small amount of moss effect.

Stacked Wood Veneer

Yığma ahşap kaplama indir

It is a wooden covering prepared in a horizontal stacking pattern with different widths. You can also see vertically positioned bars that support the stacking arrangement. It is a material that you can often choose in old building layouts.

Horizontally Interspaced Wood Veneer

Ahşap duvar kaplaması

It is a horizontally overlapping wood coating. Thanks to its almost homogeneously distributed texture, you can focus attention on different elements instead of the wall surface.

Cut Marked Wood Veneer

Kesilme izli ahşap kaplama

The appearance of knots on the material, as well as the gradual markings and nails formed while cutting, provide nice detail. Using it on cut products will provide accurate results.

Old Rough Wood Veneer

Eski pürüzlü paslı ahşap kaplama

It is a wooden covering with an old and rough surface and rusted nails on it. You can use it by removing the overlay made on the left edge.

Wood Veneer with Peeling Paint

Boyası dökülmüş ahşap kaplama

It is a blue wooden covering with old and peeling paint. It is a material that you can frequently use in old summer houses and abandoned spaces.

Additional Local Wood Veneer

Ek yerli ahşap kaplama

It is a wooden covering created in a horizontal arrangement with visible joints. Knots and textures between the boards are evident and can be preferred on wall surfaces.

Mossy Bamboo Wood Veneer

It is a wooden covering made of bamboo tree in horizontal arrangement. Green textured moss on bamboo blends with the wood color. You can choose it for a realistic image.

We have come to the end of the list of various wood textures that you can use in Sketchup and 3Ds Max. New skins will be updated here as they become available.

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