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Konya Technical University Main Campus Design

Konya Technical University (KTUN), founded on May 18, 2018, is a state university established by law no. 7141 published in the official gazette no. 30425. It continues to rise today with the experience it received from Konya State Engineering and Architecture Academy, which was established in 1970.

In this article, we discussed the campus design reviews of the university established in Konya, the City of Industry and Agriculture. We have completed our design inputs and analyzes regarding the formation of the main campus.

KTUN Environmental Analysis

KTUN main campus is located in Konya’s Selçuklu District, Akademi District, bordered by Yeni İstanbul Street and Fırat Street in the South and East, and between Meramşah Street and unnamed streets on the Development Road in the North and West.

When the structures, roads and topography around Konya Technical University are considered, strong references that will guide the design emerge.

Wind Direction and Effect

The dominant wind direction in the land comes from the North West. This impact is also felt strongly in the Faculty of Architecture and Design, which is actively serving today. Winds coming from the Northwest continue to circulate through the façade of the building. The wind that causes icing of pedestrian and vehicle roads in winter can be solved by cutting off the afforestation areas to be determined in the upper parts of the land.

Direction and Effect of Sunbathing

In line with the sunlight coming from the south along Fırat Street, the north-eastern side of the campus is completely under the influence of sunlight. The region comes to the fore for residential units to benefit from it as it receives the southern sun all day long.

Metro Line Project

Due to the metro project that will pass between Fırat Street and the south of the campus, it stands out that the main entrance of the campus will be from this area.

Land Topography

The rugged terrain and serious elevation differences create serious problems, especially in the direction of Fırat Street. In this part, it is envisaged to solve a funicular system.

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