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What are Rain Gutters?

A gutter is a pipe with an open top through which something flows. In this article, I will give you brief information about rain gutters.

Rain gutters; It is in the form of a road carved on a horizontally located material such as zinc, which allows rainwater to collect and flow on the edges of the roofs. There are two types of gutter systems: standard gutters and seamless gutters.

Standard gutters are gutters that allow the water coming from the roof or other structures to be discharged to another direction in order to prevent water leakage into our external walls. Standard gutters help drain water without damaging the building with the help of elbows and fittings. However, since seamless gutters do not contain additional elements like standard gutters, they are more advantageous because they are useful for a longer time and require less labor.

In addition to the transfer of water coming from the roof, the convection should continue through the compressed concrete rain gutters on the ground. Rainwater must be delivered to the sewer line through a concrete gutter.

As a result, rain gutters need to be maintained, repaired or replaced at regular intervals in order to prevent accumulated rainwater from causing damage to our roof and to prevent the walls from being affected by increasing humidity.

Water insulation in the area where water from the roof collects along with the rain gutters is also important. Rainwater must be transferred to the gutter correctly. Regarding waterproofing at joints, “What is waterproofing and its damages? How is it done?” You can also take a look at the topic titled.

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