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What is Energy Identity Certificate (EIC)? Where to Buy?

What is Energy Identity Certificate?

Energy Identity Certificate (EIC) is a document regulated by law that expresses the entire amount of energy used in buildings in annual Kw and reveals the performance class of the building.

Performance classes are divided from the letter A to the letter G and vary depending on the electrical and heating energy of the building. It is basically regulated by looking at the thermal insulation of the building, doors and windows, and the efficiency of lighting devices and heat devices.

What is Required to Obtain an Energy Identity Certificate?

To obtain an Energy Identity Certificate (EIC), a title deed document and an architectural and heating project* that can be obtained from the municipality are required. It is not possible to make the calculation without an architectural project. Any flat owner can go to the municipality with his title deed and request the projects, and this process may be charged by the municipality.

*Some companies consider 2 documents sufficient, but Architectural, Static, Mechanical, Electrical Lighting and Thermal Insulation Projects must be complete. For this reason, it is recommended that you get it in full from the municipality.

After the projects are collected, companies are visited to obtain an energy identity certificate. These companies are authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Service providers issue your energy identity certificate by associating it with BEP-TR software.

Is Energy Identity Certificate Mandatory?

Energy Identity Certificate must be obtained for all new buildings over 50 m2, and for old* buildings by January 1, 2020. There are some structures that are excluded from the scope. If you have a factory, warehouse, workshop, etc. There is no heating system in the areas, and if it is not needed, there is no obligation to purchase an EIC. (*Buildings dating back to 2011 are called old buildings.)

The units for which the energy identity certificate is mandatory and exempt are listed in detail.

Buildings where Energy Identity Certificate is mandatory;

Residences, Offices, Education Buildings, Health Buildings, Hotels, Shopping and Trade Centers are required to obtain EKB.

Buildings that are exempt from the Energy Identity Certificate;

Carrying out production activities in industrial areas, Buildings under 50 m2 with a planned usage period of less than two years, Greenhouses, workshops, Buildings such as warehouses, warehouses, barns and sheepfolds that are built individually and do not require heating or cooling, Buildings outside the municipal borders and total construction Buildings with an area of ​​less than 1000 square meters are exempt from EKB.

What is Included in the Energy Identity Certificate?

There are 7 different fields in the energy identity certificate, from information about the building to company information.

1-Information about EIC Building

The energy identity certificate includes the type of building, construction year, indoor usage area, island/parcel, address information, as well as the name, surname and address of the building owner.

2-EIC Energy Performance

It is the important part of the energy identity certificate that highlights the result. It indicates the annual performance class of the structure from A to G in energy kWh/m2.

3-EIC SEG Emission

In the energy identity certificate, you can see the amount of carbon emissions to see how much it pollutes the environment. A to G indicates the amount released in kg CO2/m2.

4-EIC Renewable Energy Usage Rate

Another situation you can find in the energy identity certificate is the structure’s solar, wind, soil temperature, etc. It is the amount of use from renewable energy sources, expressed as a percentage.

5-EIC Annual Energy Consumption Table

This is the area where the result of the energy identity certificate between heating, sanitary hot water, cooling, ventilation and lighting parameters is transferred as the final determination.

6-EIC Explanation Section

It is an informative area consisting of special notes that the company that issues your energy identity certificate wants to add about your building.

7-EIC Company Information

Finally, your energy identity certificate includes the number of the document, its issue and validity date, the name and surname of the employee who issued it, her company, her/his registered chamber registry number and her/his signature.

Energy Identity Certificate Inquiry

It is now very easy to query your energy identity certificate. You can immediately query and see the energy identity information of the building you live in or own via e-government. You can obtain the EIC document, which is especially required for sales and rental, via e-government. You can click to inquire about the energy identity certificate via e-government.

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