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What is Rectification in Ceramics?

What does the rectifying process mean in the ceramic coatings that decorate our homes in our daily lives? In what situations is rectification used? What is the importance of rectified ceramics? Let’s look for answers to your questions.

Rectifying is the process of removing the curvilinear surfaces made on the edges of the ceramic material. The process of re-cutting around the joints in ceramic coatings to avoid height differences between the joints is called rectifying.

Rectifying came to our language from French and its Turkish meaning is to correct. The rectifying process in ceramic materials is, as can be seen in its meaning, a correction process. It is the correction process applied to the edges of the ceramic material that is produced or ordered.

Rectified Ceramics are generally used in solutions where joint formation is not desired. If the pattern of the ceramic material is appropriate, the joints of a rectified ceramic are almost unnoticeable. Rectified ceramics, which are generally preferred in wet areas such as bathrooms, are at the forefront in residences and commercial buildings.

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